Andrews Editorial


I hope everyone has been enjoying the winter months, which have been relatively dry and warmer for most areas so far. I am sure the wet weather will turn up eventually, but for now it has been great for outdoor adventures. I have had a magic couple of months of hunting. As our last issue hit the shelves, I was out chasing ducks as well as having another crack at a fallow buck that I have been chasing for a while. I managed to finally outsmart him and he is my best buck to date. Three weeks later and I headed out with a couple of good friends, Tim and Hamish, and managed to take a very respectable sambar stag. It certainly has been an action-packed season. Tahr hunters who secured ballot blocks have reported a varied season. Some nice bulls have been taken this year, as well as hunters making the effort to cull a few nannies and juveniles to manage the herds. Across the country, plenty of hunting adventures and competitions have been very successful this year.

Much of this is due to the kind of weather we have experienced and the ongoing positive attitude around hunting. It is so important we keep it this way and we can all play a part in helping to promote what we all love doing. It certainly sends a positive outlook to opposing views. Winter deer stalking is well underway and it is a great time to be out hunting. Slips and open country on cool sunny mornings are prime places to find deer. In areas with little pressure, it is common to catch animals out in the middle of the day, soaking up those warm rays. I personally enjoy a nice cold winter's day bush stalking, as the deer are often out and about feeding at all times of the day. In this issue we have another great series of stories from our team of contributors, who share a wealth of knowledge in their particular fields of expertise. I am just about to head away for my yearly trip into the Southern Alps chasing tahr and chamois, so will have a report for you in the next issue. Make the most of this time of year and enjoy the good weather while it lasts.

Andrew Martin,


Both Tim and Andrew have been hunting for a few years now, since we were teenagers.....